Penetration Testing
and Malware Analysis

Keeping your information secure thanks to field‑tested hackers

CodiSec is CodiLime initiative focused on delivering penetration testing and malware analysis services.
We use the expertise gained during Capture The Flag competitions to secure our customers’ data.
We also support the security research community by open-sourcing Veles – our reverse engineering tool.


Grow your engineering team's knowledge on how to build secure software and keep company data safe.

  • Offensive web security
  • Software exploitation
  • Reverse engineering

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Our product

Veles is a new open source tool for binary file analysis which combines hex editor and binary data visualization features. Veles is based
on a flexible distributed architecture to allow the addition
of new functionalities through plugins.

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CTF Team

Our team of experienced security researchers and developers continuously challenges their skills at global Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions. Our successes prove our competencies and keep us up to date with the most recent vulnerabilities.

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