November brought a new success in our intensive CTF work! We took 2nd place at DefCamp!
The competition’s finals were held in Bucharest, Romania, during one of CEE’s most significant hacking conferences attended by more than 1,000 IT security specialists. The challenge lasted a continuous 24 hours. The 16 finalist teams had to solve 19 tasks from various security categories such as reverse engineering, web application hacking, pwning and cryptanalysis.


Here’s the scoreboard:


We tackled 18 of the tasks – finishing the last one 15 minutes before the end. The winning team from Japan also completed 18 tasks but finished before us. Congratulations to scryptos!
We’re extremely proud of our 2nd place finish – among the teams we managed to beat was the current CTFTime leader Ukraine’s dcua.
We’ll keep fighting!




You can find more about the competition in CodiLime’s press release.

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