Author: Ashish Chaudhary
Points: 100
Category: pwn, Python


tocttou is an enviornmentalist. But some say he has a vicious motive and he uses nature to hide his dark side. We found a weird shell on his amazon (pun inteded) web services. Can you tell us what is he upto?

Tip: he might shut down the machine if he notices you – and he will (maybe in 45 seconds).
Access: nc 9008


We have been given an Python eval jail over a TCP socket. The solution is to retreive an environment variable using one of the classic builtin hacks, for example: __import__('os').system('env|grep -iE ".*f.*l.*a.*g"')


After establishing a connection to the given server a prompt is returned. Let’s try some random fuzzing.

First let’s see what happens when we press CTRL+D right away:

Let’s check if it is a system shell:

No, it’s definitely not a system shell. It looks like a Python interpreter. Let’s check this theory then:

No response, no error – it looks promising. Let’s check then if we can see some Python errors:

Bingo! If it really is an old eval jail, then we could escape using a classic builtin hacks.

Let’s check that:

Got it! Let’s get a shell and start looking around:

After looking through available files for a few minutes and finding nothing useful, we noticed the task description contains a clue – the word environmentalist suggests checking environment variables.

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