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Points: 150 Category: PWN Description You are still trying to get code execution on your own? Hahaha. There is an app for that! We are now introducing Remote Code Execution as a Service (RCEaaS). Pro tips: +[--->++<]>.++++[->++++<]>+.++++++++++.----------.+++++++++++.[---->+<]>+++.-[--->++<]>--.++++++++++++..----.[-->+<]>++.-----------..[--->+<]>+++.[--->+<]>.--------.[->+++++<]>--.+[--->+<]>++++.++++++.[--->+<]>-----.---[->++<]>.++[--->++<]>+.>++++++++++. Flag is at A:\FLAG.TXT

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Defective RAID

Link: (only for logged in users) Points: 300 Category: forensic, PPC Description The stupid RAID NAS fails after two disks are crashed. Please rescue our exploit source code. Incomplete RAID emulator is attached. defective-raid.7z tl;dr Provided archive contains custom RAID implementation

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Link: (only for logged in users) Points: 50 Category: forensic, warmup Description Today, our 3-disk NAS has failed. Please recover flag. deadnas.7z Hint 1: The NAS used RAID. Hint 2: RAID-5 Solution

From above output we know that disk1 is missing.

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Link: Author: Vishrut Kumar Mishra Points: 70 Category: forensic, sound Description Vector recorded this audio when Gill Bates was opening his/her vault and Gru stole this recording from him (stealing from a thief ain’t a crime, right?). Help Gru

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