November 8 saw the first public presentation of Veles – our brand-new open-source tool for binary file analysis – at the Security PWNing Conference in Warsaw. Marcin Koscielnicki and Maciej Pytel ran a demo of the new tool in action and discussed our plans for Veles’ further development.

Conference attendees learned how Veles supports security teams’ daily work and what its main features will offer after the initial release. We were glad to see a lot of interest in Veles among the community and appreciate the valuable feedback.

Veles combines hex editor, disassembler and binary data visualisation features into a single tool. The client-server model on which Veles is built allows for the addition of new functionalities via plugins. You can learn more about Veles here.

Take a look at our Flash Talk presentation, we’ll also be posting a video from the presentation soon.

Stay tuned!


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