CodiSec’s development team is keeping up the pace! The next step on our journey towards our leading binary data analysis tool has been made – the next monthly release of Veles is now available (also on GitHub: Main improvements include: network protocol that allows creating ad-hoc parsers implemented in external scripts (e.g. in Python) and numerous parsers for various well known file formats. All details and information about minor improvements are listed in the changelog. We are hopefully going to announce new major features (e.g. disassemblers) in upcoming releases, so please keep an eye on the Veles’ webpage ( and on Twitter (codisec_com).

Major features and changes:

  • Added network protocol that allows using external scripts as ad-hoc parsers. Added a simple Python library to support using this functionality. Check out python/README.rst for details.
    • For security reasons network server is disabled by default and has to be enabled in the options dialog.
    • This feature is still in an early phase of development and the API will change in future releases.
  • Added a few parsers for well known file formats (avi, bmp, elf, gif, pe, mov, zip). New parsers have been generated from Kaitai template files ( Support for user-provided Kaitai files is planned in upcoming releases.

Minor features and changes:

  • Major improvement in visualization performance.
  • Added camera manipulators in visualization.
  • Added reference frames and captions in visualization.
  • Added ability to parse file starting from selected location.
  • Added ability to choose which parser to use.
  • Separated hex view and tree view for file.
  • Multiple changes to docks handling.
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs in the visualization “minimap”.
  • General look and feel improvements.
  • Added ability to scroll to chunk.
  • Double click in database view opens file.


  • Multiple bugfixes related to visualization sampling.
  • Multiple bugfixes related to chunk deletion.
  • Fixed visualization scaling.
  • Show error message if OpenGL doesn’t work instead of crashing.
  • Added warning on failure when opening file instead of silent failure.