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Points: 50 Category: re Description I found this onion in my kitchen, may I ask you to dissect it? download Solution The file we downloaded is an ELF 64-bit executable. First, let’s try running it:

So our task will be

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WYGINWYS(what you get is not what you see)

Link: Points: 200 Category: Forensics Description nc 7337 tl;dr Zip archive containing disk image. Mount it with ntfs-3g. There is a binary file and after looking for deleted files you can also find a .pyc file. Turns out the

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Link: Author: IamLupo Points: 250 Category: crypto Description Backdoor user IamLupo wanted to submit his challenge for BackdoorCTF16 but he was struck by lightening and his challenge file shattered into 26 pieces. We want you to recover it for

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