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Whitehat11 RE1

Link: Points: 100 Category: RE Description tl;dr see below Solving the task When executed the program asks for input. It seems that regardless of what is being provided the answer is always “wrong“. Simplified reversed C code for

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Link: Author: Vishrut Kumar Mishra Points: 70 Category: forensic, sound Description Vector recorded this audio when Gill Bates was opening his/her vault and Gru stole this recording from him (stealing from a thief ain’t a crime, right?). Help Gru

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Link: Author: IamLupo Points: 250 Category: crypto Description Backdoor user IamLupo wanted to submit his challenge for BackdoorCTF16 but he was struck by lightening and his challenge file shattered into 26 pieces. We want you to recover it for

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Link: Author: Arpit Singla Points: 100 Category: stegano Description d4rth used his dirty methods to hide a secret in a png file. He is cleverly trying to divert your focus from challenge, but the force is strong with you.

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